In working towards our mission of “Empowering our Clients, Colleagues and Communities to Flourish,” our colleagues, have nominated the organizations below receive a donation. 

Through the 2020 Larson Financial Holiday Gifting effort, $55,500 in donations were made to 19 different organizations around the country that make a positive impact on their communities! 

Partners in Health

Nominated by: Kayleigh Larson

Why Kayleigh thinks is a great organization: Partners in Health really is the epitome of what I think of when I think of Warrior Spirit, especially in regards to physicians and healthcare.  Their mission to provide medical services no matter the circumstances or place of your birth is their fight to better the world without profiting from it.  I really wish I could give more to this organization because PIH not only fights, but they also serve the billions of people without access to basic healthcare.  The primary Goal of PIH is to provide prematernal and maternal care by giving mothers and babies a fighting chance, by empowering those without the resources to survive and flourish.  And beyond what LFH is planning on doing, currently all gifts are being triple-matched, and I would be delighted to give some of what I have to help them achieve what they have set out to do:  their Goal of Serving mothers and babies so they have that Warrior’s fighting chance.

Safe Families for Children

Nominated by: Christopher Earls

Why Christopher thinks is a great organization: Safe Families for Children provides urgently needed temporary housing for children whose families are in crisis with the goal of keeping families intact.  Given this year of isolation and loneliness, serving neighborhoods and households by empowering them to provide hospitality for these children and families is so desperately needed, especially as we approach the winter.  You can read their clearly stated objectives, which in and of themselves speak to a Goal Oriented mindset, but I point to the first few words of each:  “Keep children safe,” “Support and stabilize families,” and “Reunite families.”  The servanthood of the core family and Warrior Spirit to fight for the nuclear family certainly embodies the flourishing that would bring hope to lives this year.

Ruel Foundation

Nominated by: Tami Garibaldi

Why Tami thinks is a great organization: We are commanded to love the orphan, so we do! My husband and I shared life with these precious kids in the Philippines! Pauline and the staff at Ruel pour their hearts out to these kids and share the hope of Jesus with them!

Society of St. Vincent de Paul 

Nominated by: Matthew Harlow

Why Matt thinks is a great organization: This is an organization I have supported in the past via membership in a church organization.  They provide assistance to those in need through a variety of programs ranging from offering a no cost thrift store providing home goods essentials, prescription drug assistance, disaster relief, and utility bill assistance.  They are the epitome of servant leadership by offering person-to-person service to the needy and suffering.  

Dogs for Our Brave

Nominated by: Dylan Donovan

Why Dylan thinks is a great organization: Dogs For Our Brave is a local organization based in Dogtown, St. Louis. They train service dogs for the purpose of helping injured Military Veterans complete tasks they can’t complete on their own because of their service injury. This service comes at zero costs to the veteran. This organization showcases the values promoted by LFH in an obvious matter by setting a goal of improving wounded warrior’s life with the help of a Canine Companion and serving these Heroes at no cost to them. 

MN Adult and Teen Challenge

Nominated by: Kyle Danner

Why Kyle thinks is a great organization: For a family that has been affected by substance abuse, this organization helps turn lives around and point people to the love of Jesus.  I firmly believe in the way that they come alongside both teens and adults struggling with addictions and turn them into people on a mission and with a purpose to contribute to society.

The World Our Parish

Nominated by: Jacob Stevenson

Why Jacob thinks is a great organization: This is a ministry I have personal ties to and have visited a couple times. The directors Steve and Pam have given their life to Guatemala and pouring into kids from difficult home situations. Guatemala is not an easy place to live the past decade and they have thrived through good and dark times.

World Literacy Foundation

Nominated by: Kacie Rogers

Why Kacie thinks is a great organization: In the US 21% of adults are illiterate, and we are a fully developed country with wealth and other means. This issue is a contributing factor to poverty and it gets passed down from parents to children. The most formative years are the earliest years for a child. Research has shown that the early development of the brain shapes the adults children become, which impacts the success and contributions they make to the economy and society. Around the world, children are not getting the nourishment of books and learning to imagine what they can do with their lives – this is what they learn through reading – how to help others, serve others selflessly, rise to challenges, and aim toward big goals using their gifts. The World Literacy Foundation provides resources and books to break the poverty cycle across 143 countries by educating and acquiring literacy skills.

Wilderness Awareness School

Nominated by: Martin Linde

Why Martin thinks is a great organization: I started donating to the Wilderness Awareness School in 2001 because of the profound impact taking their classes had on many aspects of my life – and that’s expanded in time to include all members of my nuclear family.  The close study of the natural world lead directly to discovering many things about myself and how I relate to the world around me. Although my interest started out as scientific curiosity, it’s had the biggest impact on my spirituality.

The Wilderness Awareness School’s “mission is to help children and adults cultivate healthy relationships with nature, community, and self.” which, to me, sounds almost identical to Larson’s “Empowering all to FLOURISH.”  

Any Baby Can

Nominated by: Katie Meier-Syring

Why Katie thinks is a great organization: The mission of Any Baby Can is to serve families with children and youth facing health or developmental challenges. Why is this organization important to me? Growing up, my mother was a special education teacher (and still is!). I saw first hand how she personally impacted SO many kid’s lives by helping them. Like special education teachers, Any Baby Can helps children reach their full potential and empowers families & children to flourish.

CardinalGlennon Children’s Hospital

Nominated by: Michael Hermann

Why Michael thinks is a great organization: SSM CardinalGlennon Hospital provides children from Missouri, Illinois, and around the world exceptional care from dedicated care givers, regardless of their family’s ability to pay.  

  • Goal Oriented: to be best in class to help children of all walks of life
  • Servant Leader: help without being concerned with the ability to pay if families are lacking resources. 
  • Warrior Spirit: providing state of the art equipment and programs in the country.

Vision of Hope

Nominated by: Ken Stillings

Why Ken thinks is a great organization: This is an organization that my wife and I have personally helped serve in for many years. We have hosted multiple women during “phase 3” of Vision of Hope’s program. During this phase women move out of their residential treatment center and move into the home of a local family. This is an organization that has a mission of helping women overcome their struggles like drug & alcohol abuse, self-harm, eating disorders, and unplanned pregnancy. Their counseling program is designed to help women who are willing to be in the program. These women volunteer to join it, go through the three-phase program until they graduate or in some cases, they do not graduate, and leave the program. They can enter and leave the program whenever they want. 

The program provides Christ-Centered, biblical counseling. While this isn’t for everyone, we have seen first-hand how this organization has impacted several young women we’ve hosted in our home. My family and I over the years have tried to be involved in organizations where we can have a direct impact on someone else’s life. 

The goal of this organization is to help women overcome their struggles so that they may be a light to others in the world. The servant leaders are the staff and volunteers that pour years of their time, energy, and efforts into the lives of others so that they my flourish. The staff that works at Vision of Hope work here on a 100% volunteer basis. Some of the staff even live on site for 12 months at a time to help foster change within the hearts of others. They are not paid for this full-time commitment and often have a 2nd job. These are the servant leaders and warriors within their organization while the host families outside of the facility takeover those roles during the phase-three period. 

The Impact Center

Nominated by: Andy Baker

Why Andy thinks is a great organization: I have lived in Fort Wayne my entire life and the Southeast side of town has always kind of been looked down upon. It is a very diverse area of town with a very high poverty rate, a very high infant mortality rate, and has always been a crime hot spot for our city. This side of town has never been able to attract banks, grocery stores, restaurants, or anything that we usually take for granted to be right around the corner. This organization is doing something about that. I have helped out at a couple different events and my wife and sister are on a committee to help with the parenting education classes. I would like to break down our values on how they fit each one of them.

Goal Oriented: They are trying several different ways to reach this community. They have mental health counseling, a day care for single parents, job placements for people who have been incarcerated, and parenting classes to name a few of the programs. They have done the research on what could help that community and they are giving them the resources to meet those needs.

Servant Leaders: Once a month they have what they call “Labor of Love” where they do house projects for people in their community, whether it be yard work, painting walls, or picking up trash along the road. Anything to help the people in that community. We all just made it through the Thanksgiving season and they were able to pass out 250 Thanksgiving meals. They are currently collecting donations for Christmas meals and gifts for children. During this pandemic they have been providing food to the local food banks.

Warrior Spirit: This place has refused to close. They just opened, I believe this past spring, but they are trying their best to reach the needs of their community. Monday – Friday from 7am – 9pm, this place is there. They are a bright spot to an area of town that hasn’t always had things to be proud of. Recently they were approached by the city to be a place for COVID testing and without hesitation they opened their doors and made an area for testing to take place.

Access Church – Legacy Fund

Nominated by: Jacob Fisher

Why Jacob thinks is a great organization: Access church has been my home for the past few years and means so much to me and my wife. When we joined, they were meeting at a local high school and have never had a permanent church building during their 13-year history and we’re currently without a place to meet due to Covid. A year ago they announced signing a lease for a building and we were supposed to move in this past fall, but Covid has slowed down both the construction and giving, although church numbers have continued to grow. I believe we’re up to 1,000 weekly attendees and I believe that number will grow substantially with a building.

I’ve seen the Goal Oriented, Servant Leadership, and Warrior Spirit attributes play through our church this year in a number of ways.

Goal Oriented: Our church has wanted a building for years, but wanted to follow God’s leading and timing and also wanted to be financially responsible. Leadership built a plan to only pursue opportunities we could afford and not to take on unnecessary debt, and additional funding will allow us to finish the project sooner.

Servant Leader: We don’t have a church building, but we’ve given substantially this year to missionaries in Kenya to continue planting churches there.

Warrior Spirit: Even in the midst of a pandemic and not having a place to physically meet, we’ve continued having regular services, which meant being creative in finding places to record the services and being adaptable during the construction process.

Robson Academy

Nominated by: Jake Whipp

Why Jake thinks is a great organization: My son attends this school. They are the only institution that truly seeks to understand a lot of his hidden disabilities. Many schools said ‘no’ to Landon. They welcome him with open arms, minds and hearts. They are so loving towards each child and family. They affirm Landon’s God given attributes each day both in Bible time and in the classroom. They are truly living out the commandment to love. 

It’s because of this that Landon has a calm mind and feels confident in himself and is having success at school. For instance, in Illinois Landon would get shamed for not being able to write well and therefore didn’t want to try to write. At Robson Academy Landon was allowed do be himself, was accepted and got a chance to be known relationally before he was asked to do hard tasks. When he was finally asked to write he attempted it with success and now enjoys writing. He has even learned how to read at the age of 5! This is astounding for kids with his disabilities. 

I’d like to bless this organization because they have a shoestring budget. They did a project to day for Christmas and didn’t even have Christmas stickers to put on the Christmas tree art project. They could really use a gift of grace! 

Footprints of the Son

Nominated by: Jake Whipp

Why Jake thinks is a great organization: Footprints of the Son (FOS) is an inclusion school in Haiti for disabled and non-disabled children. They are also known as the go-to organization in Haiti for special needs children. They show the love of Christ to many, many children on a daily basis by feeding the kids (the only meal most kids get), supplying uniforms (typically the only attire the kids have) and by living out the Fruits of the Spirit in their daily interactions in the school and in their community. 

I personally know Papito and Heather (married) who started and run the school. I’ve been there many, many times. There aren’t many people I’d say this about, but Heather is someone who I would say is a ‘holy’ person. She has given up the comforts of living in Orlando, FL to give her life to helping children in Haiti not knowing how bills would be paid and practical needs would be met. This organization is worthy of financial assistance for sure!!!

CrossPoint Ministries

Nominated by: Jake Whipp

Why Jake thinks is a great organization: This organization seeks to counsel church leaders and lay people. They also counsel others who don’t fall into that category out of the goodness of their heart. So often they are counseling pastors and church folks who have deep, deep wounding and don’t have the funds to cover the bill. Rich, the founder, once told me a story about a Pastor who had some intense stuff happening both in and out of his church. After Rich described the situation he said “Jake…he doesn’t have the money to pay our bills….so we’re going to keep doing it. This is what we’re called to do. God will provide.” 

I don’t know many other organizations that have helped so many people so those who get help can go help others. They have helped me and my wife. Now, because of their help, Amy and I are able to help our son, Landon. Without CrossPoint we would never have been able to help Landon. 

Helping Hand-Me Downs

Nominated by: Anne Province

Why Anne thinks is a great organization: The organization was started by a mother in my community close to 10 years ago and has grown exponentially since. HHMD serves local families with young children that are identified as “in need” by nurses, social workers and counselors. The first step is to provide these families with immediate needs such as clothing, a seasonal coat or jacket, socks, shoes, toys and books. These are all items that are donated to the charity by the surrounding communities. Once those immediate needs are met, then the families continue to receive help through coaching programs for young moms/dads and housing programs for those who don’t have safe housing situations.  

In addition, further services such as employment opportunities, childcare and transportation are offered to address the long term needs of the families. My favorite part about this organization is the “full circle” concept they strive for. All of the recipients of these services are encouraged to, once they are able, give back to the organization by returning the donated items once no longer needed and volunteer their time and experiences to help the next families in need. As stated on their website, “The goal is to exceed their expectations, build trust and maintain a long-term relationship that allows them to migrate from recipient to donor/volunteer.”

Samaritan Health Center

Nominated by: Brandon Furlong

Why Brandon thinks is a great organization:  The people who work here truly demonstrate a Servant Leader mindset in how they care for and love those who have too few resources to receive quality healthcare. 

Samaritan is Goal Oriented, striving to increase how many patients they can serve at no cost (patient donations are accepted but immaterial to the cost.)  This organization sets goals and budgets in the same way that LFH strives to do – with thoughtful strategy and rocks.  Through COVID, the people who work here have demonstrated a Warrior Spirit by battling through difficulty and challenges to continue to care for patients, and have started to provide mental health care as well for the many who are struggling emotionally or mentally as a result of the pandemic.  Not only have they continued to care for the poor; they have increased how they are caring for them in perhaps the greatest way that is needed with mental/emotional support.  I wholeheartedly endorse supporting this organization.