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Maintain financial stability through life’s challenges

Act now for disability insurance
sponsored by the AMA

Your group disability coverage is scheduled end. The good news is that you are eligible for individual disability income insurance you can take with you. But hurry! This offer ends soon.

Key features important to physicians:

  • Up to $15,000 of Own Occupation coverage providing protection in your own medical specialty

  • Finishing Residents receive an initial benefit of $5,000 and the ability to add up to an additional $10,000 as your income increases

  • Non-Finishing Residents receive an initial benefit of $2,500 and the ability to add up to an additional $12,500 as your income increases

  • Available on a Guaranteed Standard Issue basis which means no medical exam**

  • Permanent 10% premium discount

  • Mental disorder and substance abuse coverage up to maximum benefit period ***

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Must be actively at work, as a student or resident, for the last 90 days.  Must be under age 45.  Must not have been declined for disability insurance by The Ohio National Life Assurance Corporation or Ohio National Life Insurance Company.

*Enrollment period for finishing residents is January 1 thru July 31, and for non-finishing residents is July 1 thru September 30.

**The Guaranteed Standard Issue feature is only available when your medical school or resident program elects to participate in the program.  If your medical school or resident program does NOT agree to offer the program, you may still apply for coverage on a fully underwritten basis.

***Removal of Mental Disorder/Substance Abuse Limitation Rider not available for Anesthesiologist and Emergency Room Physicians.

Disability income insurance policies issued by Ohio National Life Assurance Corporation. Product, product features and rider availability vary by state. Guarantees are based upon the claims-paying ability of the issuer. Product is not available in CA. Issuer not licensed to conduct business in NY.

The policy has exclusions, limitations, reductions of benefits, and terms under which the policy may be continued in force or discontinued. For costs and complete details of the coverage, contact your advisor or The Ohio National Life Assurance Corporation.

Noncancellable and Guaranteed Renewable to the Expiration Date.  You can renew the policy annually until the expiration date (age 67), during which time we cannot cancel or change the terms of the policy or change the premiums if you pay the premiums on time.

Conditional Renewal after the Expiration Date.  After the expiration date, you may renew the policy annually if: the policy is still in force; you are not Totally Disabled; you are regularly employed; we approve your application; and you pay the premiums for your age and sex at the time of such renewal.

Total Disability. You have a Total Disability if due to a sickness or injury, in and of itself: (1) you are not able to perform the Material and Substantial Duties of Your Regular Occupation; and (2) you are under the regular care of a physician.  Your Regular Occupation is the occupation in which you are regularly engaged on the date of Total Disability.  Your Material and Substantial Duties are those you are normally required to perform in Your Regular Occupation, and that cannot be reasonably omitted or changed.

Exclusions. We will not pay benefits for any Total Disability related to or that results from:  war or an act of war; active military service; an injury or sickness excluded by endorsement; felonious conduct; an illegal occupation; or an intentionally self-inflicted injury or sickness.  We will not pay benefits during any period: while you are incarcerated or under detention; or that your medical or professional license has been surrendered, suspended or revoked.

Limitations. Pre-existing Conditions. A pre-existing condition generally means a sickness or physical or mental condition that existed twelve months before the policy becomes effective.  No benefit will be paid for any Total Disability that results from a pre-existing condition and that starts during the first twelve months of the policy.

Residing Outside of the United States or Canada.  We will stop paying benefits if you reside outside the United States, its Territories or Canada for more than three consecutive months.