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5 Financial Planning Items Early Career Physicians Should Know

Many of our clients entered practice, or discovered while practicing, unforeseen challenges with the financial side of their medical profession. Larson Financial Group specializes in helping medical professionals achieve their goals from residency through retirement.  During this webinar we will be discussing the Five Financial Planning Items Early Career Physicians Should Know. Topics will include Contract Negotiation, Employer Benefits, Disability Insurance, Student Loans, the Financial Industry, and more.

Are you Protecting your Income? – Disability Discussion

What do I do about Individual Disability Insurance?  Is my group insurance own-occupation? Do I need more than my group plan? Do I have enough coverage to sustain the lifestyle I currently live in the event of an accident?

These are common questions that come to mind when medical professionals think about the term disability insurance. Luckily, Larson Financial Group has the tools, and more importantly the experience working with thousands of medical professionals, to walk you through each of these questions. 

Protecting Your Family – Life Insurance Discussion

Conversations about life insurance can often times be uncomfortable. However, planning for your family in the event of an accident is responsible. Money should be the last thing on a family’s mind when grieving over the loss of a loved one. Our advisors, who pride themselves on upholding the fiduciary standard, offer up their experiences selecting the right life insurance policy.

The Benefits and Differences between ETFs and Mutual Funds

This webinar is designed to discuss the benefits and differences between ETFs and Mutual Funds. We will discuss the tax implications of each type of investment and examine the hidden costs. Attendees will leave with a greater understanding of each of these investment types and why one might be a better fit for them.

Contract Review and Negotiations – More than a Salary

Contract review is an increasingly important process of any profession, especially in the medical field. This webinar will discuss what you should be looking for in your contracts from your employer as well as outlining how to negotiate best from your end.