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Welcome to Larson Financial Group.

Good things are happening now that Counsel Wealth has joined the Larson Financial Family. By combining our teams and operating systems, we can bring you new financial products and capabilities at Larson.

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Who is Larson?
Larson Financial Holdings is the parent company of a nationwide family of organizations built on decades of experience in financial planning. The mission statement for Larson is ‘Empowering ALL to Flourish’ with a combined vision to be the trusted, comprehensive resource providing professional services for the most vital aspects of our clients’ lives. Faith, love, opportunity, unity, respect, impact, safety, and hope define the core values of Larson, and how we all operate as goal-oriented, servant leaders with a warrior spirit.

What is going to change?
Most of what you knew and loved about Counsel Wealth will stay the same, including your wealth advisor and client services team. As we grow together, we will continue to share expanded opportunities and services for you, as well as our team.

We have already taken the big step of relocating our office from Arden Hills to Brooklyn Center in 2020. If you’ve not already updated your records, please make sure you have our correct address: 

6160 Summit Drive N., Suite 580
Minneapolis, MN 55430-9900

Our office building is located near the intersection of Highway 100 and Interstate 694. We are next to the Earl Browne Heritage Center.

Our phone number will remain the same at 651-639-8707.

Who will be managing my accounts?
You will have the same wealth management team managing your account(s), as well as the same management style and services offered.

What will be changing with my accounts?
Your accounts will remain the same as they are with the same management style. You should not need to sign account transfer forms, as most of that paperwork was already completed after the initial transition to Larson Financial.

When we go to the Larson Financial website, we see a lot of physicians and dentists. Where do we fit in?
While Larson’s founding company specializes in financial planning for doctors and dentists, the entire Larson family of companies serves a wide range of individuals, families, and businesses. If you have questions about how you fit into the Larson Financial Group, please call us at 651-639-8707 and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Why are there so many Larson companies?
Larson Financial has built a family of companies, providing a growing array of services and offerings all focused on serving the needs of clients. This is one of the aspects we are excited about, as this network will open up more opportunities for us to serve you even more comprehensively.

Will we get lost in the mix of the large company?
Not on our watch. We are focused on you, our clients, and we are committed to making sure you will not get lost in the shuffle. In fact, we believe this partnership will allow us to serve you better.

Are you holding in-person meetings and reviews?
While Larson Financial Group is holding in-person meetings, we do not mandate vaccinations, and we follow current local rules, which may or may not require masking. Meeting options include virtual meetings, phone consultations, and in-person conferences. It is our goal to keep you safe while providing the utmost levels of customer service and financial advice and will schedule your preferred meeting type at your request. We trust that each individual is making the best health decisions they can at this time for themselves and their loved ones.

To schedule an appointment, you can reach us by phone at 651-639-8707, or click here: Schedule a Meeting

What if I do not want to travel to the new office in Brooklyn Center?
We can conduct meetings virtually, or if you are comfortable, your advisor may be able to make a “house call” for you. Please call us at 651-639-8707 for more information.

What if we need to stop-in or drop-off documents?
Please call us at 651-639-8707 to ensure that someone will be able to meet you there. Due to the pandemic, staff may or may not be working remotely on the day that you want to stop by.

Will you be holding educational events and seminars like you have in the past?
Yes! We re-started our event calendar in June 2021, but due to lingering pandemic concerns, we may step back on in-person events for a little while. However, we are excitedly embracing new technologies that will allow us to host live webinars online. Stay tuned for more information!

How does the team feel about this change?
We are excited about the opportunities that this new partnership provides for our team and clients. We are further excited that the esteemed founder of Counsel Wealth, Mr. Paul McCready, can take steps toward retirement while providing continuity for his clients. Paul looks forward to dedicating more time to serving those ministries that are close to his heart, both here locally and abroad.