Last year, Counsel Wealth Management announced our new partnership with the Larson Financial family of companies. As we reach the end of this year, we will complete the transition process and move from being Counsel Wealth Management to Larson Financial Group.

Our new look

Starting January 1, 2022, we will fully operate as Larson Financial Group, complete with a new logo and website. As we reflect and build on the history of Counsel Wealth, we are excited to embrace the Larson mission of empowering all to flourish. Although our name is changing, your wealth advisor and service team will remain the same. When you call our office, you will continue to hear a familiar voice, and we are enthusiastic about continuing to provide the utmost level of service for our clients for decades to come.

Excitement and superior service

Our goal has always been to provide superior service, and we are excited about the expanded opportunities and services that Larson offers. Since our merger, we have rolled out a new electronic delivery system for quarterly reports and added more investment options and service levels for our clients. If you have not had the opportunity to speak to your advisor about these expanded offerings, please contact us today to schedule a meeting.

No action needed

As part of this transition, we will assign your advisory contract agreement to Larson Financial Group, LLC. To make this transition as seamless as possible for you, we will continue to provide investment advice under our existing terms and conditions, unless you contact us within 60 days to terminate the current agreement. This ensures continuity of service, without any action on your part. Again, your advisor, support team, and current investment strategies will remain unchanged by this transition.

Thank you

Thank you for your continued trust and confidence. If you have any questions, please call us at (651) 639-8707. We are always happy to help.

Your Advisory Team,

Rick V., Phil, Lisa, Jill, John,
Aileen, Paul, and Rick F.