From the day I founded Counsel Wealth Management, I have made it my goal to provide superior service to my clients. After 37 years of building Counsel Wealth, I have been reflecting on how to continue providing the same level of service to clients for decades to come, even beyond my lifetime.

Announcing a partnership
With that being said, I would like to announce a new partnership with the Larson Financial family of companies. Today, Larson Wealth Partners, LLC, a member of the Larson Financial family of companies, has acquired the assets of Counsel Wealth Management.

Paul Larson, founder and CEO of Larson Financial, and I have the same vision for excellence, a heart to serve people from around the world in mission work and discipleship, and we care greatly about our clients. Paul has built a network of companies serving thousands of families all across the country. I am confident that the core mission and vision of Counsel Wealth will not only continue but it will flourish under the leadership of Paul and the entire team at Larson.

Excitement and superior service
In order to achieve our goal of superior service and performance, a new partnership with Larson Financial is an exciting move to align our values and provide access to better technology and services. In the coming months, I will share newly expanded opportunities and services for you, our clients, as well as our team.

Although the ownership structure will change, many of the things you know and love will stay the same, including the name, Counsel Wealth. You will have the same wealth advisor and client services team managing your account(s), as well as the same management style and services offered.

Your consent is needed
As part of this change, it is necessary to assign your advisory agreement to Larson Wealth Partners, LLC, as we cannot assign a client’s advisory contract without consent. To ensure continuity of services, we will continue to provide investment advice under the existing agreement terms and conditions, subject to your right to terminate that agreement. If you do not terminate your agreement within 45 days of this letter, we will assume you have consented to the assignment of your agreement and the continuation of your current Counsel Wealth team providing investment management.

Founder’s future
I am not going anywhere…yet. Good change is exciting and this is an exciting time for Counsel Wealth. I will continue to put energy toward serving ministries that are close to my heart, as well as travel to Honduras with my family. I look forward to sharing more with you soon.


Paul S. McCready, CFP®, CFS, RFC
Founder, Counsel Wealth