Below, you can find the upcoming events our advisors will be hosting, as well as several previously held events. During these events, our advisors share common problems and opportunities they encounter while helping their clients financially plan. These events are updated regularly and address current financial issues and possibilities.


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Previously Held Events

The following events have already been held. Recordings of these events are available on demand by completing the corresponding registration pages.

So, are we in a Recession?

The past few months the news cycles have been flooded with headlines about a recession. Some outlets say one is quickly coming. Others say we are already in one. While […]


What should I make of the current market conditions?  During this webinar, Larson Financial Group’s president, Colin Wiens, and Dimensional Fund Advisor’s Vice President and Head of Client Communications, Jake DeKinder, […]

Roth Conversions: New Legislation, Successes, and Pitfalls

With new legislation in progress, there are a couple items that are in need to shed light on before you take a “set it and forget it” approach to saving […]

Year-End Tax Planning for an Uncertain Future

Attend this discussion on the proposed “Build America Back Better” Act. What’s in it? When does it go into effect? And most importantly, how do we plan for it in […]

The Benefits and Differences between ETFs and Mutual Funds

This webinar is designed to discuss the benefits and differences between ETFs and Mutual Funds. We will discuss the tax implications of each type of investment and examine the hidden […]

Contract Review and Negotiations – More than a Salary

Contract review is an increasingly important process of any profession, especially in the medical field. This webinar will discuss what you should be looking for in your contracts from your […]

5 Financial Planning Items Early Career Physicians Should Know

Many of our clients entered practice, or discovered while practicing, unforeseen challenges with the financial side of their medical profession. Larson Financial Group specializes in helping medical professionals achieve their […]

Are you Protecting your Income? – Disability Discussion

What do I do about Individual Disability Insurance?  Is my group insurance own-occupation? Do I need more than my group plan? Do I have enough coverage to sustain the lifestyle I […]

Protecting Your Family – Life Insurance Discussion

Conversations about life insurance can often times be uncomfortable. However, planning for your family in the event of an accident is responsible. Money should be the last thing on a […]