“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” -Winston Churchill

With our assistance and planning, a number of our clients are beginning to see that they will reach a point in their lives that we call “The Point of More Than Enough”. This is the point when they have accumulated more than sufficient wealth to see them through the rest of their lives, and also possibly more than enough to ensure that their children will not be in need. So, clients have some choices to make at this juncture in their lives:

  • Option (A) – Spend more money on luxury items, more vacations, more cars etc;
  • Option (B) – Investigate ways of using their wealth for the benefit of others.

A common argument we hear from clients is that they have worked hard to be in the position to consider Option (A). True. However, irrespective of how successful some people have become, no matter how much money, cars or properties they own, deep down, they feel that there’s still something missing or that they have a greater calling in life.

As their trusted advisors, we believe that we hold the responsibility to help our clients manage their wealth to achieve everything that is important to them. In addition to helping them grow their wealth, we would argue that this also includes helping them find ways to give it away.

The creation of a Strategic Giving Plan, as part of a comprehensive wealth management plan, is an essential step in achieving this goal. We assist our clients in discovering their values and discuss ways that they can make a contribution to their community. We explore various options such as the creation of a private family foundation; making direct gifts to their favorite causes; as well as helping them attribute personal time and expertise in serving charities and community organizations.