Forgiveness Protection Plan

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Ensure Your Loans Are Paid Off, No Matter What Happens

Online investment account designed for doctors utilizing student loan forgiveness programs

The Forgiveness Protection Plan allows you to fund a low-cost, automated investing account to grow along with your outstanding student loan interest. The money is there for you to pay off your loans should, for any reason, your loans not be forgiven. And if they are forgiven? You have a nice chunk of change saved up to do whatever you want with.  

How it Works

  1. Open a Loan Forgiveness Plan account online
  2. Decide your level of contribution
  3. Answer a few questions about your timeline and risk tolerance
  4. We’ll recommend a diversified portfolio that fits your needs
  5. Easily monitor your progress and keep track of your investments, all online

It’s that easy!

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.50% Annual Fee. No minimum investment

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