Investment Advice for Doctors

Do Morningstar Ratings Matter?

A common misconception amongst doctor investors is that their portfolio should only be composed of 4 and 5 star funds. In reality, these ratings are based only upon past performance and have no bearing on future returns. Consider the following investment advice for doctors:

investing for doctors

This graphic shows that actively managed funds that achieve top performance in one period typically do not repeat their success in a subsequent period.

The stacked graph at left sorts the Five-Star funds by cumulative 10-year performance relative to each fund’s benchmark (includes only those funds with a complete return history for the period). As shown, the five-star category comprises 403 funds. The right box shows how these five-star funds performed relative to their benchmarks in the subsequent 10-year period. The arrows indicate the movement of these top funds across categories.

Only 11% of the five-star funds repeated their top performance in the subsequent 10-year period. 68% of the funds dropped to the four, three, two and one-star categories. More significantly, 21% of the original five-star funds did not survive the entire subsequent period. These top managers, who were perceived as the most skilled in the US equity market, showed no ability as a group to repeat their top-quartile performance. Indeed, 21% did not survive, and the funds that did survive were spread across the sorted universe.

The lesson of this illustration: choosing actively managed equity funds according to past success does not guarantee an equally successful investment outcome in the future.

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