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Welcome to Larson Financial Group.

Good things are happening now that LionsGate has joined the Larson Financial Family. By combining our teams and operating systems, we can bring you new financial products and capabilities at Larson.

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What is going to change?
For clients with brokerage accounts, there will be what we believe is a significant improvement in your user
experience. With Larson, we will begin moving all the Pershing accounts we manage over to a new custodian,
Charles Schwab. We know that Pershing has been a source of frustration and concern for many clients over
the years, and we are delighted to offer the user-friendly interface that Schwab has recently built. Notably, the
fees on brokerage accounts will stay the same at Schwab as they were at Pershing. There is no added
expense and an improved user portal experience; we think you will appreciate the change.

Why is this change happening?
In a word: Opportunity. Larson has spent the last 15 years developing innovative planning strategies, including
alternative investment offerings for qualified investors and tax mitigation strategies that can convert tax
liabilities to long-lasting income streams. From the LionsGate legacy, we will bring our expertise in annuities,
insurance-based products, and advanced insurance strategies to clients who have not yet had the opportunity
to look at these methods of creating uncorrelated portfolios for greater security in a volatile investment world.

Who will be managing my accounts and what is changing with them?
You will have the same wealth management team managing your account(s), as well as the same
management style and services offered. As mentioned above, updated forms will need to be signed as part of
this ownership transition. We are working to get those documents sent out to you in the coming weeks.

Is Jason Ingram retiring?
As you know, we’ve been planning Jason’s succession process for some time. After careful consideration,
Jason has decided to retire from full-time work, but will stay around in a consultant role. Romeo will also
be retiring to spend more time chasing squirrels, rabbits, and keeping the horses in the herd.

Jason and Kimetha will continue to live their passion for a new travel destination each year (they’ve been
to eighty-four countries so far) and take several months to cruise the Greek Islands in their forty-eight-foot
cutter rigged sloop sailboat before they make the transatlantic voyage to the Caribbean. Jason will
continue his writing, publishing a finished novel, and working on a new one.

Who is Larson?
Larson Financial Holdings (LFH) is the parent company of a nationwide family of organizations built on decades
of experience in financial planning, specializing in physicians, dentists, and high net-worth families. The mission
statement for Larson is ‘Empowering ALL to Flourish’ with a combined vision to be the trusted, comprehensive
resource providing professional services for the most vital aspects of our clients’ lives.

Faith, Love, Opportunity, Unity, Respect, Impact, Safety and Hope define the core values of Larson and how
they are Empowering ALL to Flourish.

Who should we know or meet from Larson?
You will likely have the opportunity to meet Paul Larson, founder and CEO of Larson Financial Holding. Again,
your main point-of-contact will continue to be your wealth management team at LionsGate Advisors.

Why are there so many Larson companies?
Larson Financial has built a family of companies, providing a growing array of services and offerings all focused
on serving the needs of clients. This is one of the aspects we are excited about, as we believe this new network
will open up more opportunities for us to serve you better.

I have more questions. Where do we get information about LionsGate Advisors and this transition?
Our team is here for you. Do not hesitate to call a member of your wealth management team at LionsGate
Advisors with any questions you might have. In the coming days, we will be updating
with additional information.