From the day we founded LionsGate Advisors, we have made it our goal to provide superior service to our
clients. In recent discussions, we along with Larson Financial Group, LLC, started to discover incredible
synergies between our two companies, both cultural and in business philosophy. We have now agreed to
join forces to make each other’s strengths available to all our clients.

Announcing a partnership
With that being said, we are excited to announce a new partnership with the Larson Financial family of
companies headquartered here in Chesterfield, MO. This past week, Larson Financial Holdings, LLC,
through its partnership arm, Larson Wealth Partners, LLC, has acquired the assets of LionsGate Advisors.

Paul Larson, founder and CEO of Larson Financial, embodies our own desire to empower clients,
vision for excellence, and heart to serve people from around the world in mission work and
Paul has built a network of companies serving thousands of families across the country. We
are confident that the core mission and vision of LionsGate will not only continue but will Flourish as we
partner with Paul and the entire team at Larson.

Excitement and superior service
In order to achieve our goal of superior service and performance, a new partnership with Larson Financial
is an exciting move to align our values and provide access to better technology and services. In the
coming months, we will share newly expanded opportunities and services for you, our clients, as well as
our team.

Although the ownership structure will change, many of the things you know and love will stay the
Most importantly, you will see the same commitment to serving you, because the same client
servicing team will still be managing your accounts. And of course, we’ll still have the same management
style and service offerings, in addition to the opportunities offered by Larson.

Your consent is needed
As part of this change, it is necessary to assign your advisory agreement to Larson Financial Group, LLC,
as we cannot assign a client’s advisory contract without consent. To ensure continuity of services, we
will send you forms to sign authorizing your accounts to transition with us to our new firm. If you
do not sign and return the forms, we will no longer be able to service your accounts.

The future
Naturally, we anticipate you will have some questions about how this partnership will affect you and our
management of your assets. On the reverse page, there is additional information that will help you see the
direction we are headed in. Please feel free to contact us at any time you need additional information.


Jason Ingram and Jonathan Krueger
Founders of LionsGate Advisors