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Larson Financial Group is a full service financial planning and investment management firm.  Our goal is to provide you the confidence and security so you can spend more time playing with your four year-old grandchild and less time worrying about your 401(k).

What services do you provide?

As a full-service Financial Planning firm, we will help you organize your financial life and build strategies to help you address:

Cash Flow and Debt Management

  • Will I have enough income to provide for my lifestyle needs?
  • How does debt play into my long-term plan?

Insurance and Risk Management

  • When does it make sense to stop paying for life insurance?  What if I have a permanent life insurance policy?
  • If I still have a few years left before retirement, how should I adjust my benefits at work?

Investment and Retirement Planning

  • Am I taking too much risk for my age?  Am I taking too little risk for the money I want to pass on to my beneficiaries?
  • Does it make sense for me to think about Roth IRAs?
  • I think the market is going to crash – what alternative investments am I eligible for to diversify?
  • I have an annuity that was previously sold to me – should I keep it or not?

Tax Strategies and Asset Protection

  • I’m planning on selling my business (or a rental home or other investment) – how can I mitigate taxes on the sale?
  • Shouldn’t my financial advisor be coordinating strategies with my CPA?

Estate Planning Needs

  • I have grown children – what’s the importance of an estate plan now?
  • Do all my beneficiaries agree with the structure of my estate plan?

If you have a need that isn’t listed here, then book a complimentary introduction meeting with us now or chat with us on the Live Chat box on the bottom right of your screen to find out more.

I see you work with physicians, do you work with other professionals?

In 2006, our firm was created to help provide for the comprehensive financial planning needs of physicians and their families. However, over time we’ve discovered that the concierge-level, one-stop shop that we provided to doctors was helpful for others. We look forward to learn more about you and see how your needs and our services might be a good fit!  Reach out to us now to book a complimentary meeting to learn more.